Corporate Profile

DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories Co., Ltd.

DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories Co., Ltd. sets its goal to achieve the ultimate purpose promoted by NTT DOCOMO of “transforming from an integrated service company placing mobile at the core to a company that focuses on working cooperatively for value creation”. We devote ourselves to research on LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G, wireless transmission technologies, system control technologies, the promotion of standardization in the next generation of wireless communication systems, and deep learning technologies that support new services.

DOCOMO Beijing Labs currently consists of the Wireless System Research and Standardization Division and the Cloud Service Technology Division, which include the Enhanced TDD Group, the Advanced Wireless System Group, the High Frequency Radio Access Group, the Multiple Access and Radio Transmission Group, the Platform Development Department, the Natural Language Processing Group, and the Mobile Big Data Group.

DOCOMO Beijing Labs has taken on the responsibility and mission of NTT DOCOMO as its own. We have met with brilliant success with our research on the fourth generation mobile communications. Aside from a wealth of high quality international conference papers and journal articles, we have proposed many technical contributions to the 3GPP conferences and propelled progress in standardization activities.

China not only has the largest number of mobile phone subscribers in the world, it also retains numerous innovations and accumulations. As such, DOCOMO Beijing Labs will take this propitious research environment as an opportunity to serve as an effective conduit to establish a stronger partnership and a more powerful bond with China.