NTT DOCOMO Beijing Labs

Corporate Information

  • NTT DOCOMO is a mobile communication operator engaged in world-leading research and development, and has always been a global leader in the development of mobile communication technology. As a powerful driver of innovation at DOCOMO, the vision of DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories entails a wireless+AI two-pronged approach, creating a win-win situation, enriching people’s lives and driving industry innovation. Upholding the concept of continuous day-to-day improvement in innovation, we continue to embrace new challenges.

  • The Wireless Technology Department is committed to cutting-edge research in wireless technologies. Its mission is to promote wireless technology innovations, so as to develop core technologies for sustainable growth of the mobile communications industry. The Wireless Technology Department is conducting research on key wireless technologies that is centered around high-frequency and ultra-wide bandwidth systems to achieve extreme performance of 6G. It involves three main technologies, namely non-orthogonal physical layer design (NOPHY), extreme multiple-input, multiple-output (Extreme MIMO), and AI-based physical layer design (iPHY).

  • The AI Technology Department is dedicated to the research and development of computer vision and natural language processing technologies related to new business innovation.
    The department is focused on the application of artificial intelligence technology to research and innovation in the areas of mobile internet and big data, and supporting new services and new business models through advanced technologies such as deep learning.

  • The Platform Development Department is dedicated to 3GPP standardization, new functions of wireless network and services, and artificial intelligence-related platforms and systems development.
    The department develops and maintains system-level and link-level simulation platforms for wireless communication system technology research. It provides one-stop services for the pre-research evaluation of advanced technologies, advancing the standardization of key technologies and the optimized selection of network deployment.

  • The Solution Department is committed to applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology into efficient solutions for wireless communication networks. Its goal is to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of wireless communication networks at a lower cost by introducing data-driven and algorithm-driven AI technologies.

  • The Standardization Technology Department has been deeply involved in the field of 3GPP standardization for many years. It has substantial technical experience and brilliant achievements from 4G LTE to 5G NR. The Standardization Technology Department has always been committed to promoting beneficial technologies and views for networks and users to be in line with international standards. It has also actively supported the development of commercial networks at the headquarters. It has more than hundreds of international patents and essential patents for standardization in the above-mentioned sectors.

Research Achievements

  • The Wireless Technology Department has been deeply involved in the field of new wireless technology research for many years. It has substantial technical experience, after having been through the 4G and 5G eras, and is currently commencing 6G preliminary research oriented for the 2030s. WT has commenced 6G wireless key technology research that is centered around high-frequency and ultra-wide bandwidth systems. Till now,it has made initial progress in the above-mentioned research fields by completing dozens of international patent applications and publishing more than a dozen of academic papers.

  • Through technology R&D and the fruits of innovation, the AI Technology Department actively supports headquarters’ related business development. In the field of natural language processing, Chinese normalization technology and news summarization have received a high degree of recognition and kudos from headquarters.

  • With regards to platform construction, the Platform Development Department has established a unified simulation pool consisting of more than one hundred high-performance simulation servers, an automated simulation job management and scheduling system, as well as a real-time simulation resource utilization monitoring system to ensure efficient evaluation work.

  • The Standardization Technology Department has been deeply involved in the field of 3GPP standardization for many years. DBL’s standardization team has continued to develop and expand the fields of research. It has actively submitted contributions to 3GPP on the above topics and participated in online and offline discussions to promote DOCOMO’s technology and views to be in line with international standards.

Public Information